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Examining Blood Sample

NEW: Wellness Services at Klamath River RV Park

We are excited to announce that Dr. Owen Bergh, the new owner of Klamath River RV Park, is offering comprehensive wellness services right here at the park. Dr. Bergh brings his expertise in naturopathic practices, including blood analysis, to help you uncover potential health imbalances and support your journey towards optimal health.

Live Blood Analysis

Discover potential health imbalances with a comprehensive Live Blood Analysis. This test can provide insights into common health issues such as:

  • Feeling sick and tired

  • Difficulty losing weight

  • Headaches

  • Allergies

  • Sleeplessness

  • Digestive problems

Benefits of Live Blood Analysis

This insightful test can help guide you in choosing the right natural program and combination of supplements. With a detailed analysis, Dr. Bergh can help you understand your body's needs and support your journey towards optimal health.

Live Blood Analysis Can Identify...

By analyzing a single drop of your blood under a microscope, Dr. Bergh can observe various potential imbalances, including:

  • Nutritional and mineral deficiencies

  • Free radical damage and toxicity

  • Liver and kidney stress

  • Circulatory issues and tissue oxygenation

  • Cholesterol and uric acid levels

  • Immune system observations

  • Over-acidity

  • Parasites and yeast (Candida) activity

  • Heavy metal toxicity

  • Viral and bacterial activity

  • Patterns of degeneration and inflammation

  • Hormonal observations

  • Adrenal stress and hydration levels

  • Cellular fatigue and lymphatic congestion

  • Bowel toxicity

Herbal Medicine

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wellness services for registered park guests!

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Sessions start at just $109

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Herbal Oils

Meet Dr. Bergh!

Dr. Owen Bergh, PhD

Dr Owen Bergh

Welcome Dr. Owen Bergh, PhD, ND (traditional naturopathic doctor), to Klamath River RV Park! With 8 years of experience and a PhD in Natural Medicine, Dr. Bergh specializes in live and dry blood analysis, hair analysis, homeopathic and holistic medicine, preventive nutrition, herbal remedies, and comprehensive supplement programs.


He is certified by Neo Genesis Systems and the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, and licensed by the Pastoral Medical Association (license number 25593287). Please note, he is not a licensed medical doctor and does not diagnose or treat medical conditions.

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